Hand Crafted Drums by a Drum Luthier

TranSnare is a revolutionary design and sonic concept for the most important drum in the kit. TranSnare's design allows the player to transform the drum into distinct timbres by replacing solid wood shell inserts with different native and exotic woods. The video below explains this concept in detail.

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 Each TranSnare Drum is a custom commission based on the individual player’s preferences and stylistic specializations. Meticulous care and attention to detail is incorporated into each luthier build for both live and studio applications.

Michael Carlito’s passion and commitment to design, aesthetics, sound and functionality of a TranSnare Drum begins with a selection of fine quality woods. The drum’s unique timbre is then optimized
by its original (OEM) hardware components.

The link to the PDF document below offers complete TranSnare Specifications for each drum built. The breakdown gives you overall dimensions, panel Insert dimensions, retainer ring dimensions, bearing edge, snare bed, hoops, drum heads: batter and snare, snares, throw off, butt plate and drum lugs. 

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TranSnare Drum is a product research company using today's innovative technologies and time-honored luthier techniques to produce the best sounding snare drums.