Hand Crafted Drums by a Drum Luthier

Transnare is a revolutionary design and sonic concept for the most important drum in the kit. Transnare's design allows the player to transform the drum into distinct timbres by replacing solid wood shell inserts with different native and exotic woods. The videos below explain this concept and shows you how I hot iron bend the wooden inserts.

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Michael Carlito


TranSnare specializes in one-of-a-kind instruments which incorporate design features and embellishments reflecting the personal style of each player. In consultation with the owner, design features and embellishments reflects the players personal style using a wide range of luthier and modern machining techniques. TranSnare incorporates the design concept of interchangeable wooden panel inserts to create a drum that is truly unique.

If you're interested in discussing a custom Transnare build, contact at info@transnaredrum.com


Mauricio Zottarelli

"In my opinion, Michael's idea of the interchangeable wood shell inserts is a game changer when it comes to drum making, and especially when we talk about custom-built snare drums. It brings more flexibility and more control to the player, like never before. Congratulations on such a fantastic and innovative creation!"   

Maurício Zottarelli    




“The sound of this drum is way larger than it is physically.  Has a beautiful captivating rich warm tone, pops to call everyone to attention when you want it to punctuate the groove and a cross stick sound that has an absolutely gorgeous thick wood sound. The difference between a solid wood drum shell vs ply shells is astronomically different.  As soon as you hit the drum you are taken back by the sonic difference as well as the feel and those around you will stop and take notice.”

Brian Melick 

Composer Educator Percussionist