"I had the pleasure of trying out the 14 x 5-1/2 TranSnare with African Mahogany inserts on a couple of different settings and I was very impressed by how great it sounded, very open and warm. It responded well to different dynamics and it was extremely sensitive and musical. In my opinion, Michael's idea of the interchangeable wood shell inserts is a game changer when it comes to drum making, and especially when we talk about custom-built snare drums. It brings more flexibility and more control to the player, like never before. Congratulations on such a fantastic and innovative creation!"   

Maurício Zottarelli   


Michael Carlito is a visionary innovator, artisan builder and lifelong drummer. TranSnare's revolutionary design and acoustic brilliance has boldly lifted the bar for the unique qualities players seek in an elite snare drum. ”

Richard Boukas    performing artist, composer, educator, author   

Michael Carlito's snare drum is a work of art both sonically and visually. The drum has a wonderful response whether pianissimo or forte with a lot of sensitivity and warmth. This snare drum really stands out as a unique, wonderful instrument for those looking for a great sound and craftsmanship. ”

 Jeff "Siege" Siegel    Drummer/Educator 

Michael Carlito is one of the most talented percussionists I have ever played with.”

 David Darling    Grammy Award-Winning Cellist and Composer  

Out of all the thirty-eight snare drums that I own, I really only need one.  It is an amazing drum and concept Michael. The TranSnare drum is Awesome.”

—  Michael LoMaestro 

I recently used the TranSnare for a 60's rock concert at a 300 seat theater with great results. I chose the African Mahogany inserts for their warmth of tone and focus in the mid-to low range of the frequency spectrum. It certainly did not disappoint, with great performance at lower volume, and wide projection when struck with rim shots. I have known Michael for years and have had him make multiple drums for me, along with being my first call for all things drum related. He has truly broken new ground with his TranSnare design, and I highly recommend them for their versatility and quality of build.”

— Nicholas Kopp