"I've embraced the notion that each and every action I take

 and every sound I encounter forms a symphony of life. 

Life itself is a perpetual stage, and I hold deep admiration

 for every individual performance upon that stage."

Michael Carlito

Michael Carlito has been a multi-stylistic professional drummer in New York State for almost fifty years. His deep passion for performing is channeled directly into his visionary gift for design, robust structural integrity and uncompromising commitment to elite, elegant craftsmanship. 

Michael has an insatiable driven desire for innovation-not for its own sake, but to achieve new, bold designs for musical products that transcend all previous conceptions. 

Transnare is built by a player, for players. It is the ultimate snare for the professional drummer and aficionado who appreciates the vital difference between a commissioned customized instrument and one that is generically mass-produced. It is at once a master-crafted piece of musical art and a player’s lifetime investment in achieving the exact individual sound by which they strive to be identified and acclaimed.

Each drum build represents a landmark point along a continuous evolution of sonic, aesthetic and structural enhancements.